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Pursuing Progress
At MFI, we do more than offering innovative business solutions. We help your organisation realise its full potential.
Document Solutions
Streamline how your business operates with expertly tailored solutions to capture, archive, secure, and manage your documents.
Commercial and Professional Print
Optimise your mass printing outputs through our industry leading software and printing press technology.
IT Solutions
Enhance how your business communicates with our world-class ICT infrastructure and cyber security software solutions.

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Doing business where it matters

We tailor our solutions to suit the individual needs of each of our clients across the different business verticals.

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Pursuing Progress

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Document solutions

Optimise your business’s document management outputs with customised solutions for capturing, archiving, workflow, and information security. Streamline your operations and increase your office efficiency.

Commercial & professional print

We collaborate with leading service providers to bring you the best in printing presses and software. Our professional print solutions offer you advanced technology to meet all your business objectives.

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We’re MFI for a reason

Success is possible where production is made simple. For manufacturers who operate on a
local or global scale, our solutions are tailored to your exact needs.

Vertical Solutions

  • IT security
  • 24×7 service availability
  • Cloud/server storage
  • Network infrastructure
  • Commercial print
  • Data protection, backup, and replication
  • Reduced maintenance and operation costs


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