Connecting people with tomorrow

MFI’s journey

Everything we do at MFI revolves around enabling businesses to pursue progress and succeed. By improving ways to connect, engage, and share information, MFI continually pushes the boundaries of possibility. We believe in fostering our clients’ full potential and accelerating Africa’s economy. Together, we’re shaping a future where technology empowers and uplifts communities, organisations, and individuals all across Africa.

For over four decades, MFI has been at the forefront of supporting organisations with our innovative technology, document imaging, and commercial and professional print solutions. During this time, our team has expanded to over 700 global and local experts serving clients across 18 countries, and partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

What started as a print-focused company has grown to cover every commercial and public sector, delivering solutions that go beyond document printing and into the realm of information technology, digital transformation, ICT infrastructure, contact centres, cybersecurity, robotics, and much more. MFI is relied upon by governments, global multinationals, rapidly scaling businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our journey is one of Knowledge, Innovation, Impact and Care. We support and empower businesses to pursue progress and embrace the future.

Tailored solutions for a variety of verticals: