Who we are

"We are in the business of fostering partnerships through advanced technology ergo enriching lives."
Founded in 1984, MFI Group has a 30 year legacy of expertise in document imaging and technology solutions. With our broad range of intelligent solutions and operational presence in over 20 countries across Africa and Middle East, we have a distinct advantage that makes us our customer’s preferred choice and the industry leader in these markets. We add value to our customer relationships and enhance the way they conduct their business by collaborating with our strategic global partners who invest and share the same set of values.

We have helped businesses flourish this way by integrating our global expertise and local insights with the principle that each business and the environment in which it strives is unique. Part of our legacy is our 600+ experts who have added value to 6000+ satisfied customers who continue to show their trust on our ability and promise of value and this is just the beginning of changing the landscape of Africa and Middle East.

Our Philosophy

The foundation of all MFI’s business activities is driven by its philosophy - "We find peace in the knowledge that everything we do Makes sense, Feels good and Inspires"

Our Values

Fostering can be seen in many ways but for us, it's about exploring new grounds and also continuing to elevate and reach greater heights. With our ingenious mindset, we stay ahead of the competition and remain the innovators in the market.

Ingenuity is more than intelligence. Intelligence can be seen as a state of being but ingenuity is a process of being. It is the ability to see, anticipate, act and be ready to adapt to change while also having a backup plan. In the context of our business, it reflects the efficiency of MFI such as the ability to meet our clients' diverse needs, our proactive nature, our flexibility, our dynamism as well as the swift adaptability we embody to change our organization for our customers' benefit and value.