An enterprise document managed services (EDMS) is a software system for organizing and storing different kinds of documents. This is a specialized system that helps users to organize and store digital documents.

EDMS refers more specifically to a software system that handles digital documents, rather than paper documents, although in some instances, these systems may also handle digital scanned versions of original paper documents.

Service Features

An enterprise document managed services provides a way to centrally store a large volume of digital documents. Many of these systems also include features for efficient document retrieval.

EDMS also has Cloud solutions & services which involves deploying groups of remote servers and software solutions that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources.

Solution Features

DOC-IT assists EDMS users in defining and establishing systems for:

  • Scanning
  • Workflow
  • Automated record storage
  • Automated document retention
  • Evaluation of existing business processes
  • Recommendations for improvements

The evolution of EDMS has helped to drive down the cost of all organizations by:

  • Reviewing existing business processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps and activities
  • Wise implementation of technology

Service Benefits

  • Find any Document in 30 Seconds
  • Store all documents in a centralized location
  • No more misplaced or lost documents
  • Ensure Legal Compliance
  • All Types of Documents can be handled (Physical paper or Electronic Born Documents
  • Uniform Company Wide Filing Structure
  • Secure and controlled access to all documents
  • Document Security & Tracking
  • Staff always use the latest version
  • Business Process Management
    • Ensure that documents coming in are sent to the correct people for action and tracking the process.
    • Enforce document authorization through workflows
    • Enforce business processes through Process Flows
    • Manage and assign work flexibly through Tasks