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  2. Approximately how many employees are there in your business?

    <50 700+

  3. Which best describes your organization?

    Employees are based across many offices and locations All employees are based in one physical location

  4. The service and supply of your printer fleet is managed by

    A single contracted vendor Multiple vendors with various service level agreement’s The fleet is not actively managed

  5. Does your print environment have the facility to track user volumes?

    No, we do not use a password system for printing. Yes, each user has a password login for print volume capture.

  6. Is your printer fleet embedded with a secure printing software to ensure the security of your output documents?

    No, we do not have a secure printing system in place. Yes, we have a secured printing facility

  7. Total Cost for 48 months:
    MFI MDS cost for 48 months:

    The results above are an estimated projection of your savings. For more accurate results, kindly invite one of our trained advisors who can assess the unique needs of your business.

    Mono Page Volume
    Colour page Volume
    Total Mono Volume for 48 Months
    Total Colour Volume for 48 Months
    Cost on Mono Page
    Cost On Colour page
    Administrative Cost
    Cost on misuse and low productivity due to lack of PRINT Maanagement software
    Total Cost for 48 months
    Financial savings of 20%